January 2021



Faced with the biggest scandal – devoid of brakes – that the Principality of Monaco has known since 1297, BIMCAM shall here below publish on a rolling basis and with a numbering in bulk some memorable quotes linked to The Staples, marker pen and IT-bug Affair.

The above mentioned affair having been resolved (anno 2012), a new one hence emerges, as a direct consequence. It has by BIMCAM officially been named “Club 137”.

Because of wanted and corrupt/corrupting Patricia HUSSON – who officially faces life in jail in at least TWO countries, another club has emerged: the Swedish “KLUBB 19″(topic 8 bis).

The numbers within brackets pertain to the topics in the left margin


1297.- “We are all, regardless of our level of responsibility, the craftsmen of the prosperity of Monaco which, in evidence, cannot be obtained without effort, not more today than yesterday. This prosperity leans for a great part on the climate of security of people and their personal properties. I want this to be one of our major assets.”
H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco during his installation speech. BIMCAM’s own translation, as are all on this website. BIMCAM agrees fully with the abovementioned speech.

1296.- “Monaco will take lessons from nobody!” 
Late Minister of State Jean-Paul PROUST, whose lawyer (Pastor-Bensa) was David Fristedt’s and the swindler’s lawyer..

1295.- “When one speaks to me about Human Rights, it nauseates me!”
Former, former (2012) Chief Prosecutor of Monaco Annie BRUNET-FUSTER, second in line in the Affair, while at the Palais de Justice, Monaco, before departing for Nouméa, New Caledonia, thrice the distance to the island of Saint Helena.

1294.- “If Your client and her son continue to dig into this, they run the risk of becoming persona non grata in Monaco.”
Note from a Monegasque lawyer to the counsel of the main victim, fall 2004, while she was being refused access to her own apartment and to her belongings, such as her private internet access bank codes. However, her son had by then already left Monaco for good.

Bailiff Marie-Thérèse ESCAUT-MARQUET, screaming to Mister David Fristedt, when he called her from Sweden during the ongoing burglary of his mother’s apartment in order for him to ask some legitimate, urgent questions. Her words were pronounced just before her hanging up on him, in spite of her office having then deprived her victim of her cardiac medication, a condition known by the sleeping partner, the since convicted swindler (in another affair, despite warnings), who acted with her husband, Didier ESCAUT, then IPA member (13). Criminals being actively protected to no avail by Councillor for the Monegasque Crown and Swedish consul Patricia Husson.

1292.- “The safety is everyone’s concern !”
The Director of Public Safety André Muhlberger (Monaco Hebdo nr 591, 24-30 January 2008). This rings false in view of document 22 (5) in the filed criminal complaint of 6th of June 2011 to the fourth Chief Prosecutor of Monaco in the Affair (10).

1291.- “I have thus, in my life, also been a pimp…”
This is what a former bank director in Monaco says… Indeed, these are the words of he who was H.S.H. Prince Albert’s mentor in economics from the beginning. The author of these lines for sale admits never ever having understood the science of economics whatsoever, apart from that consisting in luring money out of widows in Monte-Carlo, according to his own words:

“During the night, around the gambling tables, there were women who tried to act as clients, but whose profession was evident. With no further delay, I called on one for me:
– Are you into the profession?
– No….
– But of course, I know it. Do you know your workmates within the lounges?
-Yes, says she to me, embarrassed, red and confused.
-So find me all of you within the hour in […]’s office.
I saw a dozen gals arriving… “Ladies, this is not the Promenade des Anglais, nor the Bois de Boulogne, so be direct with me. Do your job as in the past, I am fine with that, but do it with “classe (style, BIMCAM’s note)”, and discretion, please. You will remain here only if we are accomplices. Any a new arrival has to be known by me, and any a weird thing has to be reported to me. This is the condition for my continuing to protect you and to admit you”.

These gals became my eyes and my ears… ‘Cause, one has to admit, a casino is no convent. I have thus, in my life, also been a pimp.”

See also the ecological impact in terms of tuna fish protection, one which the author describes himself eating only through cans and only that, amidst financial schemes ad hoc.

«Je me suis bien amusé» [I had a lot of fun], Jacques Seydoux de Clausonne, bought at FNAC, in Monaco.http://www.decitre.fr/livres/Je-me-suis-bien-amuse.aspx/9782352510437 . BIMCAM moreover sits on another edition by Editor J.S.C., one devoid of ISBN-number.

1290.- “- does not visit gambling establishments;”
The swindler’s probation (still ongoing, June 2012) included the banishment from gambling establishments. Judgment of 22nd of September 2009 (4).

1289.- “[…] it is only a matter of changing some hundred articles in light of what is really needed.”
Philippe NARMINO, on the obligations for Monaco towards the European Council within Monaco’s failing commitments regarding Human Rights, and the respect of the ECHR’s case law, speaking of the necessary reforms of the Monegasque Criminal Code of procedure. Monaco Hebdo #728. Depending on how one may count, a hundred articles represent no less than a solid fifth of the Code put into question. http://www.monacohebdo.mc/4154-les-affaires-financieres-nont-pas-disparu 

1288.- “And this DRENO, does he have any title?”
(”Och den här DRENO, har han någon titel?”) Swedish police, fooled by Patricia Husson, Narmino and co-actors / accomplices, once again, in a recorded interview in two exemplars with Mr David Fristedt on the 4th of November 2011. Crucial evidence in the ongoing crimes.

1287.- “See you back in the Principality!”
These are the last written words signed wedding witness Baron Jean-Léonard Taubert Natta de Massy to Mr David Fristedt.

1286.- “The present is being written to You in a haste, on a day of mourning, H.S.H. Prince Rainier III having died this morning.”
This is what David Fristedt wrote to the Court registrar Mr Thierry DALMASSO, who was asked to join as a civil party. This is also the first time that Mr Fristedt baptizes the Affair: The Staples, marker pen and IT-bug-Affair. The desperation of the guilty made it impossible for the victims and the honest to mourn in peace, whereas this quick four pages letter was to become attachment nr 1 of the complaint of the 6th of June 2011 (Swedish national day) to the fourth Chief prosecutor of the Affair Mr Jean-Pierre DRENO (10). Seven years later, Patricia Husson forces Mr Fristedt to disturb His Majesty the King of Sweden’s lawyer on the very Swedish national day (2012). Mr Fristedt’s words of warning, two years earlier, “I hope to be able to communicate again with the Swedish Consulate in Monaco, without having to bother His Majesty” (8) were obviously not productive enough.

1285.- “I am no diplomat !” 
The incriminated Patricia HUSSON (8), speaking to Mr Fristedt’s mother, when said incriminated individual took possession of (stole) the swindler’s judgement (4 and 8), on Monegasque soil. Indeed, the Court refused to hand it out. The judgement fails to tell the Lebanese nationality of the swindler, note to the president of the Association des Consuls Honoraires de Monaco, a Lebanese (8 & 12).

1284.- “I am no consul !” 
The incriminated Patricia HUSSON (8), on the phone with David Fristedt, in the presence of witnesses, when he congratulated her for having managed to become councillor to the Crown in Monaco. On the 4th of November 2011, Mr Fristedt had the Swedish police take notice of the possibility of the existence of an eventual sarcasm within said congratulations.

1283.- “I kindly ask you to see to my getting a copy of the decision containing prohibition for myself and my children to access the apartment of which I am the tenant, as well as any decision defending me to get back my belongings.” 
Letter from Mr David Fristedt’s mother to then president of the court of first instance Philippe Narmino, just after and during the burglary. For the reply, see quote #1282.

1282.- “He [Narmino] has asked me to let you know that he is not authorized to reply to it.”
Reply signed by an anonymous court clerk identified as Thierry Dalmasso (mentioned under quote #1286). Encl. nr 57 of the Supreme Court in which the testimony of Narmino was refused and of which one of the judges was nominated – through means of this very Narmino – Minister of State (Michel Roger) (12 and 13).


Reminder: it is Narmino’s Court that gave away the apartment (13), hence his title as “responsible nr 1” (3) in what since then became an officially State-sanctioned burglary.

1281.- “[…] in order for a fire to occur, one needs three elements: oxygen, heat, and a combustible matter. But […] in order to get something explosive, one needs Narmino, Husson and the truth. The press being free in Sweden, truth will indeed explode.” 
Criminal complaint of 7 December 2011 against notably Husson and Narmino (8).

1280.- “Burglary In Monaco, Cambriolage A Monaco.” 
David Fristedt explaining to the Swedish Police, on the 4th of November 2011, the acronym of BIMCAM, which is the name of this web-based publication. Officialized on the 30th of November 2012 by instruction judge Loïc Malbrancke through official stamps, hence its publication here (8).

1279.- “I would like to stress that in no way do I have the possibility to decide on David’s website”
David Fristedt’s mother, in her first official letter to Loïc MALBRANCKE (8).

1278.- “A delayed justice is a refused justice”
The fourth chief prosecutor in the Affair Jean-Pierre DRENO, during the opening of the judicial year 2012-2013, quoted by Monaco Hebdo. BIMCAM couldn’t agree more, and is still awaiting DRENO’s action.

1277.- “The insecurity is of general concern”, observes the minister of State, Michel Roger [12]. “Here, it is also against the feeling of security that we must fight.”
L’Express, 10th of July 2010. Here are the results of such policy:

Anyone who lives in Monaco (2013), even in a building with a concierge and / or security guards is at the mercy of Monaco’s State-sanctioned burglaries. Most people have a second key at the guarded concierge / reception, not least in terms of fire emergencies, when the residents are away, avoiding for the fire department to break in doors through means of axes or the like.

A security guard had a copy made of the key to a couple of residents’ apartment in Monaco. The guard used it to get into the apartment. The owners of the apartment had just left, indicating an appropriate time to enter (criminal intent and stalking). However, the wife returned, having forgotten some personal belongings. Said owner had the shocking surprise to be confronted in her own Monegasque home with a stranger, the agent. In court the “defender” stated not least the following: “I wanted to use their fax since I had planned to offer my wife a coffee machine. I was waiting for a company to send me their list of its latest products by fax. Had I done it through the Internet, my wife would have known about the purchase”.

In the end, no fax was ever received.

Let us not be fooled: for anyone to get away with such a crime, in MONACO, it has to be State-sanctioned. No one would dare to face many years in jail safe for having the “Carte blanche” à la LEX GAMBARINI. The verdict speaks for itself: 15 [fifteen] days suspended jail sentence and a single euro to pay in damages. Add to this that the Monegasque Legislator considers it an aggravating circumstance when the culprit is a security guard, i.e. a trusted person.

Example of costs: The average lawyer in Monaco charges (or did) 400,00€ [four hundred] per hour. It is not unusual for a Monegasque lawyer to charge 3.000,00€ to open a case, and it is a new policy of the court to summon the plaintiff and his or her lawyer at 0900 AM only to take any a matter up by the end of the day. With an hourly rate of 400€, claiming your rights as a plaintiff can cost some 3.200,00€ in waiting fees, added to the starting fee of 3.000,00€. So in this example, the bill amounts to 6.199,00€, maybe for ten minutes work in court. Indeed, in Monaco, the victim has to pay for its own lawyer even if it has won a case. BIMCAM has Narmino’s very own related signature of such procedures if need be.

Reminder to anyone wishing to appeal: Gambarini is currently first president of the Court of appeal.

Some lawyers (barristers and solicitors) work for the State AND their private clients in the same cases (10). For the record, H.S.H. Prince Albert II has a French lawyer. Not very flattering for the Monegasque bar…

Investors take note: one euro [1€] is what your security and privacy is worth in today’s Monaco. BIMCAM has given chief prosecutor Mr Jean-Pierre DRENO all the legal tools to remedy to this situation in accordance with H.S.H. Prince Albert II’s words (see quote 1297, above).

1276.- “In no way do I engage in any argument with the criminals at stake.”

Mr David Fristedt in his criminal complaint of 29 April 2005 (11).

1275.- “I do of course distance myself from any a negotiation with criminals” 
His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, in writing to the Swedish main press, quoted by His press spokesman, anno 2011. BIMCAM’s translation of the original: ”Jag tar självklart avstånd från all form av förhandling med kriminella”

1274.-  “The Palais de Justice in Monaco has stated that they do not inform about when a trial occurs. It is part of a confidential information.”
The Swedish Embassy in Paris, 12th of February 2013.

1273.- BIMCAM wishes all of Monaco’s prisoners of concience as well as to the Monegasques that have had to flee for their lives a better year 2015.

1272.- “Reportrar utan gränser får en miljon kronor av Björn Ulvaeus för att intensifiera sitt arbete mot kränkningar av yttrandefriheten. Organisationen har i ett flertal rapporter konstaterat att hoten mot press- och yttrandefrihet har ökat dramatiskt de senaste åren, samtidigt som stödet från institutionella givare har minskat.

-De står upp för det fria ordet, reportrarna utan gränser, ofta med fara för eget liv och de påminner oss ständigt om hur dyrbar och omistlig yttrandefriheten är. Deras arbete är alltid lika viktigt och det vill jag stödja, säger Björn Ulvaeus.”


BIMCAM’s translation: “Reporters without borders receives one million crowns by Björn Ulvaeus in order for it to intensify its work against violations of the freedom of expression. In several reports, the organization has established that the threats against the liberties of the press and of expression have increased dramatically in recent years, amidst a decrease in support from institutional donators.

-Reporters without borders stand up for the free word, often risking their lives in doing  so and they constantly remind us of how precious and indispensable the freedom of expression is. Their work is always ever so important, and one I want to support, says Björn Ulvaeus.”

1271.- “El ridículo se puede evitar, la muerte no.” Paco de Lucía (1947-2014).

This is for You, my Readers, FOR FREE! A gigt from beyond the grave! Please listen to it whilst browsing this page.

BIMCAM also want to stress that “J.E” was convicted by the Court of Málaga.

1270.- “In 1977, Monaco’s Princely Family consisted of three dogs: a Yorkshire terrier, a miniature poodle and a spaniel.” Svensk Damtidning (Swedish Royalist weekly). For more accurate information on Monaco, read BIMCAM.



1269.- […] radiation […]. Contrary to her predecessor Daniel SERDET (BIMCAM’s witness against Philippe NARMINO and Patricia HUSSON), on this very day, the 9th of October 2017, the ex, ex, ex prosecutor general of Monaco Annie BRUNET-FUSTER was radiated from France’s magistracy.

1268.- ”No one is blinder than he who will not see”. BONO; extract from ”I Threw A Brick Through A Window”, U2 within their album October. Note – 36 [thirty six] years later to Monaco’s chief prosecutor Jacques DORÉMIEUX in …October (2017).


1267.- “I would like to stress that I find it ever so deplorable the fact that he openly attacks Mr. NARMINO Philippe.” Patricia HUSSON in her secret criminal complaint against David Fristedt (”he”). Proof in writing confirmed by Monaco’s and Sweden’s highest legal authorities that incriminates her within article 137 of the Monegasque Criminal Code (Club 137) and of chapter 19 of the Swedish Criminal Code (19 Kap 3§ Brottsbalken) (Klubb 19) whereas if convicted, she could face life in jail in both countries (8 bis).

1266.- ”BIMCAM!” Baoloon launching for BIMCAM with pieces of evidence within Klubb 19. Trivia: Baron Jean-Léonard Taubert Natta de MASSY (David FRISTEDT’s wedding witness) knew how to drop ”ballons” for way less a price and notably, within one of the addresses mentioned within the police reports on Philippe NARMINO (9) (45FRF for 20 ”ballons”).

Lacher de ballons pour BIMCAM

Publicerat av La Spiaggia Monte-Carlo Torsdag 20 augusti 2015


Ligurian evidence above two crime scenes, taken from a third one: the Tour Odéon and the Château Périgord 1. Copyright: free for Wikipedia France (source: BIMCAM & Sweden’s International Prosecution’s Office).

1265.- “Politique”. Monaco Hebdo’s choice of headline /cathegory, i.e. not under “judiciary” – for its not so stupid readers, when Albert of Kaliningrad II was again (Don’t you get it Albert? You are being mocked by people who like South Park’s joke about a gay fish… At least, Kanye got it.)

1264.- “Je suis Charlie!” Allegeadly brain dead Michel Roger (12), lying to the Monegasques and to the World, on Place d’Armes ((a weapons related Place), as opposed to, say, Rue de la Paix (Peace Street)…

1263.- “Marion” (2&4) Té!/Thé/Tea

1262.- “Toulouse” (5). To lose or not too lose, part of a late mule’s CV…

Source: USA Today. Hi R!

1261.- “Yeah, but, haven’t we all committed burglaries in our youth? Female identified boss of Police woman Rakel Söderhjelm (8 bis). Accomplices of Narmino, Husson and the gang. Recorded on tape (10 bis).

1260.- “Thank You!” Late Prince Rainier III of Monaco for the attention of Monica Fristedt. This is a document that was not found by the Club 137.

1259,- “Thank You!” The Swedish Royal Court, several times, in writing, to BIMCAM.

1259.- M007.

1258.- BMKB.

1257.- “Klebb-kärringarna”.

1256.- “Elena”. One of several code names for Patricia Husson, in reference to Elena CEAUCESCU and the stance some Royalties undertock at the time regarding retreival of medals (8bis & 15).

1255.- “C’est pas l’Afrique qu’elle aime. sinon le fric!” Source africaine de BIMCAM [untranslatable].

1254.- “C’est pas l’Af’ique qu’elle aime, sinon le f’ic.” Source antillaise de BIMCAM, en hommage à René Goscinny [untranslatable].

1253,. “REBUCHON” (8 bis)  Under JK, JONNSON Anders and JÖNSSON Anders).

1252.- “Criminology”. David Fristedt’s application form under “VIOLON D’INGRES” (hobby) to the IPA (International Police Association), Monegasque section (13).  If there is anyone they should not have messed with – let alone his mother – then that is a guy who is into criminology, one would think…

1251.- “My arms are very long = my power of corruption is huge” [J’ai les bras très longs] Words from a criminal consul intercepted in Beausoleil (9- Police reports on Narmino), France, from where she prefers to send her threats. Since the State-sanctioned burglaries  usually occur during the judicial hollidays /vacancies of summer,  see the cover of Monaco’s IPA magazine (13) on which – indeed -, the cops’ arms (limbs) ARE longer during the summer.

1950.- “In Memoriam”.






1249.- “Mais c’est tout un plaisir Monsieur!”  (“You are ever so welcome, Mister!”)


Detail of the the official, illustrated version of the international police reports on Philippe Narmino, Photo by BIMCAM, Paris, September 2018.

En svensk ligger ligger lågt och tiger! Eller hur, Göran Persson, Fredrik Reinfeldt och Stefan Löfvén? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/En_svensk_tiger

1248.-  [To be translated in due time, i.e- prior to the 17th of October 2018 by the veru Catherine herself] “Sous-merde? Je l’ai peut-être dit mais il y a peut-être une nuance de trôp.” Commandant Catherine MESSINEO devant la Cour d’assises des Bouches du Rhône sis la Cour d’appel d’Aix-en-Provence (6 bis & 11) – où se cache le recherché et inculpé Jean-Pierre DRÉNO – à en croire Monaco-Matin (corrompu par Monaco (Cf. infra, citation 1245)) en ligne du 19 septembre 2018 à 16h05. BIMCAM entend rentrer en contact avec Catherine Messino pour une correcte traduction envers l’anglais avant la fin des débats.

1247.- Extrait du rapport criminel sur Brigitte Grinda-Gambarini.

1246.- “MG”. Les Abrutis du Minitel [the Minitel Gang] presided by Albert II. Be patient or ask  Ulrika Pielen (8 bis). Meanwhile, try typing www.bimcam.com on a Minitel in the 21rst Century…

1245.- Cf. supra, quote #1248; from an old  interview with David Fristedt of BIMCAM on Nice-Matin, which eventually was to hav a Monaco-Matin section.

“I call [corrupt] Nice-Matin the propeller, since it has only three blades to read, namely: the daily menu of the Café de Paris in Monte-Carlo, the “Insolite” section (hilarious stuff) and the “Conseils du Docteur Beck”, a veterinarian.

1244.- “Jävlas n/Ni med o/Oss så jävlas v/Vi tillbaka!” (Should y/You wanna fuck with u/Us, then w/We shall fuck y/You back!) Major Björn Borg, KA1, 1990, Vaxholm, Sweden. On the tennis player with the same name, look at quote […].

1243.- “Hard to tell…. I’d say my interview with the Durban Hilton hotel whilst the married man left his wife on their very honeymoon in favor of his corrupt buddies.”  Extract of BIMCAM interviewed.

1242- “Riskdag vs Riksdag”,  https://elpais.com/internacional/2018/09/25/actualidad/1537863381_909049.html

1241.- Cf.- supra. quote 1242: indeed, Patricia HUSSON’s boss was fired by the wote of the people!

1240.- If it wern’t for you, Jan [Eliasson], my Family would not have needed to flee from the dictatorship that you endeavour”.

1239.- What do you mean, DN? “https://www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/a/e1gG0Q/asa-linderborg-vad-menar-dn ”

1238.- <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”sv”><p lang=”sv” dir=”ltr”>Thomas Palmberg, Polisen: All korruption skadar förtroendet – inte bara den kriminella. <a href=”https://t.co/qbuxz3VWol”>pic.twitter.com/qbuxz3VWol</a></p>&mdash; TI Sweden (@TI_Sweden) <a href=”https://twitter.com/TI_Sweden/status/1072395798304972801?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>11 december 2018</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

1237.- GRECO. https://www.coe.int/en/web/greco Please usa capital letters, as to not mix it up with a prosecutor with the name Greco (Cf. infra, quote 1236)

1236.- Greco Francesco, prosecutor, not to be mixed up with GRECO (Cf. supra, quote 1237). Says BIMCAM: the Narmino Police reports have claimed yet Another Death – note to Sylvie PETIT-LECLAIR, responsible for not maintaining Narmino in jail, despite BIMCAM’s “Lex Al Capone” on Narmino (3). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6828273/Mystery-Berlusconis-bunga-bunga-girl-Imane-Fadil-34-fatally-poisoned-silence-her.html


“Jean Léonard de Massy
C/o Gorra & Associés



I have a very strong ally, and that is the law.
The ball is yours, should you have any.

David Fristedt”

1234.- “Air Force Two”: journalism at its worst: any an Aircraft becomes number one when the president is on board! Daily Mail, 5th of June 2019)




1231.- STOCKHOLM 20190722.-  “Alla försök att hindra BIMCAM’s publiceringar kommer att beivras å det strängaste.”

All attempts to prevent BIMCAM’s publishings shall be dealt with ever so harsly.


1229.- See topic 15 and its Movie (Qui sême…) from which the following statement by Didier GARAFOLO derives, speaking up to Albert II: “As far as I am or be concerned, I shall fight ’till the end, that’s it! What does that mean, “until the end”? If death turneth out to be a preresequite, then so be it – I fear nothing!”

1228.- “Vad gäller handläggningen av David Fristedts begäran om att få ta del av allmänna handlingar vill jag erinra polismyndigheten om att sådan begäran skall behandlas skyndsamt (2 kap 13§ tryckfrihetsförordningen)”. Beslut av JO (del av) av den 1 november 2003 med duplikata av den 10 oktober 2019.

1227.- [20191104]

“I denna mening har jag citerat Pomerol som en betydelsefull dom.

Hälsningar Hugo”

1226.- “Narmino”.- Dean Spielmans corrupt ally (both stil at large) quoted by the Financial Times: https://www.ft.com/content/800e5246-1ce4-11ea-97df-cc63de1d73f4

1225,- “Lägg ner Transportstyrelsen bara!” (Swedish television interview with BIMCAM)

Köpte en båt men fick inte ägarskap _ SVT Nyheter (1)

Note to Attunda Tingsrätt’s ” Lagman” 20191229

1224. “…men ränderna går aldrig ur!” https://w ww.svtplay.se/video/25276535/en-svensk-tiger

1223.- http://www.clubhouseonwheels.com/2020/02/summoned-by-nietzsche-disordered.html

1222,. Rikard Backelin:

1221.- State-sponsored Child battery

“My dilemma was clear: how could I describe my desires to David when I could hardly confess them to myself?”

https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_Sverne Tor Sverne was my first mentor in law, and a wonderful friend! /David of BIMCAM

1220.– BIMCAM regrets the Death of his mentor Chief Prosecutor Bernard Requin

1219.- Bernard Requin Attunda samt Stockholms Tingsrätt och Hovrätt

1218.- We thought that we had the answers
It was the questions we had wrong”

Note to Rikard Backelin (Cf. supra).


1217.- Dorgy Power! (self distancing)


1216.- I have the best goddamn readers in the fucking world. I’m so lucky [Cf. supra 1221].

1215. Juriste (lawyer).-  David Fristedt (1992) vs Cf. infra,  quote 1218 Didier Garofalo, 2020.

1214.- “Juriste professionel” (professional  [sic] lawyer).- Didier Garofalo, Cf. supra, quote 1217.

1213.- BIMCAM herewith claims intellectal property of M/S Pomerol’s logbook (SIQU / M/S Pomerol)

1212.- BIMCAM publishes herewith “Pomerol” with the following call number (VHF): SFE4001.

1211.- BIMCAM”s take on Coronavirus.


1210.- ” [sic] un bon docteur est nécessaire pour votre folie, restez en suède avec les ânes [sic]” ([sic] a good doctor is necessary for your madness, stay in Sweden with the donkeys [sic]) E-mail from Didier Garofalo. BIMCAM rejects his values and actions:

BIMCAM: Legal and international statement to Julien Garofalo, on 2nd of April 2020 with retroactive effect, for the attentin of l‘Élysée.

avis international à Julien Garofalo, le 2 avril 2020 avec effet rétroactif

Julien Garofalo,


BIMCAM herewith distances itself from you, your values and your henchmen /”collaborateurs”.

BIMCAM has a legal duty to protect its sources. This is not the case regarding unwanted e-mails.

BIMCAM notes your latest chenanigans – mildly put – suggest that President Macron were responsible for genocide. I have told you in writing that such official proclamatins constitutes breaches of the French Penal Code.

BIMCAM finally notes that you never showed interest in safeguarding your affirmations on the internet throuh legal demand to BIMCAM. Indeed, Youtube and Linkedin have nthing to do with the legislations of Monaco or that of France.

Today’s sources, among others:


BIMCAM: Legal and international statement to Julien Garfalo, on 2 of April 2020 with retroactive effect, for the attentin of l‘Élysée.
avis international à Julien Garofalo, le 2 avril 2020 avec effet rétroactif
Julien Garofalo,




1209.- “Monsieur,

je vous rappelle que c’est vous qui m’avez demandé de mettre votre email dans ma boite, vous avez oubliez que je détiens tous vos emails;

Dès lors, je vous invite à plus de modération, car votre incompétence juridiquement en dise long sur le personnage.

Bien a vous.


1209.- https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/paolo-roberto-star-for-mitt-smuts-och-skamliga-beteende/

Re: first burglary (1983):


Test BIMCAM 2359 GMT+1 11 of june 2020.

1207.- RIP my weddeing witness’ mother, Baroness Elisabetth-Ann de Massy, restes-donc en paix. Ton David.

1206.-Emma“, Swedish police officer who refuses to give her family name (after 1500 hours Swedish time). BIMCAM shall work hard to put her out of the Police job.

1205.-  Shawarma world wide record

Дворец для Путина. История самой большой взятки – YouTube