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Narmino Wand Danielsson 6 juni 2015

BIMCAM 20181001.- Find one or more hostages

“19 kap. Om brott mot rikets säkerhet

3§ Om den, som fått I uppdrag att för riket förhandla med främmande makt eller annars bevaka rikets angelägenheter hos någon som företräder främmande makts intresse, missbrukar behörighet att företräda riket eller annars sin förtroendeställning och därigenom orsakar riket avsevärt men, döms för trolöshet vid förhandling med främmande makt till fängelse på viss tid, lägst två och högst arton år, eller på livstid. Lag 2009:396 (se vid 3:1).”

Translation by BIMCAM:

”Chapter 19. On crimes against the security of the Kingdom

◦§3 If a person, who has been assigned a mission to deal with a foreign power on behalf of the Kingdom or otherwise protect the Kingdom’s concerns with someone who represents the interests of a foreign power, missuses its right to represent the Kingdom or otherwise its position of trust and thereby causes significant damage(s) to the Kingdom, shall be sentenced for breach of trust whilst negociating with a foreign power to emprisonment for a certain period of time, at least two or at most eighten years, or for life. Law 2009:396 (re: 3:1)

The following long list of names will be completed by and then without prior notice. It is far from exhaustive – rather explosive. Each name represents a file linked to the Klubb 19. For tactical reasons, some names will not be shown. Some PDF files may be devoid of translation from Swedish. Supporting and working for Philippe NARMINO and Patricia HUSSON comes with a price tag that is now due. Until now, this site, has done all in its might in order to avoid publishing what follows, but since the prevention of Patricia HUSSON’s missdeeds has failed, herewith comes the Swedish part of this scandal.







After the news came about the ever so deserving Laureates for the Nobel Peace Prize, Jan ELIASSON tweeted his delight. How utterly false! He has done all in his might to make sure that  allegations of systematic rape by UN-Soldiers against children not be investigated!

“Disgusting that a socialist UN head wants to cover up sex crimes against Children”:

[Jan Eliasson bluffs on Anders Kompass]

BIMCAM is currently about to close a report on Jan ELIASSON over his responsibilities regarding Patricia HUSSON and other adequate causalities which have rendered him a place as a member of the “KLUBB 19”.

Jan Eliasson is a friend of Serge TELLE, according to the latter… Cf. supra, topic 4

* Jan’s latest e-mail to BIMCAM (8th of October 2018) – however “polite” – is to be seen as a first hand power of attorney for BIMCAM to publish his criminal case within the 19th Chapter of the Swedish Criminal Code. The choice of title comes frome one of his victims, one he knows…

To be contiued …



HUSSON Patricia

Proof that Patricia HUSSON faces life in jail in the two countries that she abominably betrays: her own signature confirmed by the police. His Majesty the King of Sweden’s lawyers confirms.

Today, whilst Monaco is getting its 6th prosecutor general of the Affairs, the 1rst of October 2018 at 11:00 hours CET, a French night of the Order of the Polar Star was sentenced to two years in prison by the Swedish Justice for rape. He will remain in custody pending any a final verdict (flight risk to France, most likely).

Voices have been raised in order for him and Patricia HUSSON – still free / at large – to be stripped of their medals.

The convict is also said to have sexually molested the Hereditary Princess Victoria of Sweden with His Majesty the King as a witness. Affaire to be followed up, and which implicates Monaco’s non elected Minister of State Serge TELLE who will soon get a mail from BIMCAM.



Aftonbladet, söndag 29 april 2018. Photo: BIMCAM

After BIMCAM’s warning and prior to Patricia Hussons’ complaint: the King’s party night with his scandaleous gang.


IACA (International Anti-Corruption Academy) (followup of first letter to be seen under topic 3)

Att: The board of governors of
IACA via
International anti-corruption Academy
Muenchendorfer Strasse 2
2361 Laxenburg

Pages in all: See signed original via LR

Kingdom of Sweden, 23rd of April 2018

Re: Club 137 vs Klubb 19: Philippe NARMINO vs Prince Albert II and a corrupt ordinnance; BIMCAM’s previous letter of the 18th of May 2014: followup; Monaco (Kaliningrad II), Sweden and Russia: Patricia HUSSON; Sweden: Lise TAMM & C:o; article 137 of the Monegasque criminal code and §19 of the Swedish Brottsbalken (BrB 19).

Quote from BIMCAM, topic 3, under the headline ”GOODBYE PHILIPPE NARMINO! (bold letters by me)”:

”It is while Philippe NARMINO was arrested on the 22nd of September 2017 that his childhood friend Prince Albert II chose to publish, in the official Journal de Monaco, his confidence in him, honoring him (övergrepp i rättssak)” for life.


”Article Premier.

S.E. M. Philippe Narmino, Ministre Plénipotentiaire, Directeur des Services Judiciaires et Président du Conseil d’État, est admis, sur sa demande, à faire valoir ses droits à la retraite anticipée, à compter du 23 septembre 2017.

Art. 2.

L’honorariat est conféré à S.E. M. Philippe Narmino.

Art. 3.

Notre Secrétaire d’État, Notre Directeur des Services Judiciaires et Notre Ministre d’État sont chargés, chacun en ce qui le concerne, de l’exécution de la présente ordonnance.

Donné le dix-huit septembre deux mille dix-sept.


Par le Prince,

Le Secrétaire d’État:


Only through flagrant abuse of power and a complete disregard of the separation of powers could this despicable ordinance and obstruction of justice have been made. It has been viewed by many a Monegasque as a princely ”get out of jail card” and the very definition of ”association de malfaiteurs”. It has no place in a member State of the Council of Europe and must be officially nullified. It enabled the suspect to harm the currently ongoing criminal investigation against him in the Rybolovlev affair. To my knowledge, he is still president of the High Council of Magistracy and of the State Council, apart for his illegal role within his ”money laundering factory” a k a the Monegasque Red Cross. The ordinance shines like a true dictator’s CV.

Provided that Albert II really be the true heir to the Monegasque Crown after his late father Prince Rainier III and / or that the succession was legally done (see 9 and 10 on BIMCAM regarding illegal marriage), the IACA is herewith being asked to verify how this ordinance came about and to check whether it was really Albert who signed it and, if so, wether it was done under duress of any kind. Indeed, should Albert confirm to the IACA that he was the one behind it, then the procedure for ousting Monaco from the Council of Europe ought to be facilitated by this very eysore of ordinance.

On an international level, this ordinance is to be viewed as nul and void, due to Monaco’s obligations as a member of the European Council.

This illegal ordinance was written on the 18th of September 2017 . Since it was published on the following 22nd, the ordinance shows that NARMINO himself was to take care of its publication, since he was to remain director of judicial services until the 23rd.

Said criminal ordinance shows the lack of need for the Prince to motivate his decisions, however illegal per se. Next ordinance in relation to this one ought hence to merely consist of a non motivated article nullifing article two for once, and – furthermore – the whole ordinance due to NARMINO being obviously (as shown) master of his princely ordinance. The IACA is herewith asked to remedy to this situation. Provided that the numbers in the ordinance are accurate, this could be written as follows: ”Ordonnance [number etc]”; Article unique; L’ordonnance [exact number etc] est révoquée”.

The criminal use of Prince Albert’s name is a known form of modus operandi that I am sadly too well aquainted with. Monegasque weekly magazine Monaco Hebdo writes in its issue #1055, page 30, under the headline ”ALLÔ, C’EST LE PRINCE ALBERT!” the following: ”Depuis plusieurs semaines, des malfaiteurs tentent de se faire passer pour le Prince Albert II”. This usurpation problem has also been reported in the international press. BIMCAM reported it to the IACA in its first letter (NARMINO / DRENO) (to be found on topic 3). On topic 15, one can view a ”judgement” ”by the grace of God” and Albert II, a total fabrication by Philippe NARMINO and The Councillor to the Monegasque Crown and Consul for Sweden Patricia HUSSON.

Patricia HUSSON is currently under criminal investigation both in Monaco and in Sweden. If convicted of the crimes she is being officially suspected of (thanks, ironically, to her co-actor and acomplice Philippe NARMINO’s criminal use of official stamps on an international scale), she actually faces life imprisonment in both countries (article 137 of the Monegasque Criminal code [article 137 du Code pénal] and Chapter 19 of the Swedish one [19 Kap. Brottsbalken].

Patricia HUSSON may well be renewed as consul for Sweden on next 30th of April 2018, hence the emergency of the present letter. The former Swedish Government was warned about renewing her back in 2014, and so was – most particularly – then Foreign Minister Carl BILDT. The current one was warned in the same time via a copy to then Prime Minister candidate Stefan LÖFVÉN, who became Statsminister five days later. The letter’s topic was Patricia HUSSON, Russia and the Swedish Government’s office. A question which was never answered, adressed the nature of the shady businesses between Monaco and Sweden thanks to Patricia HUSSON, or ”PPP”, since the Panama Papers’ emergence.

Should Patricia HUSSON be renewed, then this will have dire consequences, starting with a formal request to freeze her assets. In one of her official forgeries, she drags in the United States of America. Ironically, it is the USA that time and again (se topic 15, ”Goodbye Mr Slutsky!”) must step in in terms of damage control. Freezing oligarchs’ assets is inefficient if one doesn’t freeze those of Patricia HUSSON after her role in Monaco’s celebreation 365 days in a row of Russia (something that seems to have prompted Azerbadjan to ask Monaco wether it might celebrate said country for a year too).

Patricia Husson’s role in Monaco is to be found within its Constitution under Conseil de la Couronne. A former boss of NARMINO gave me the Monegasque Constitution back in 1993 while I was practicing at the Palais de Justice. Needless to say, I have studied it well. As a trivia, said boss successfully tested my skills in Spanish. This may come to hand within the Panama Papers regarding Patricia HUSSON.

Because of Patricia HUSSON, when adressing any a corruption matter with Sweden prior to her re-election, please remember to fact check with I undersigned when Monaco is involved.

Moreover, please consider that most of the names under topic 8 bis (Klubb 19) deal with international organized crime rooted in corruption, whereas under no circumstances should the IACA have any contact with nor Lise TAMM, nor Bo NORDELIUS. Their titles tend to change everytime I write a letter.

Since my last letter, and whilst appreciating the IACA’s visit to Monaco and NARMINO, I herwith would like to get once and for (You changed staff since) all official answers to the questions that I raised therein, namely:

”Can the IACA spot the usurpator / intruder?” (regarding two people, now both fired by Monaco)

”Will the IACA ask the competent Prosecution’s Office (presumably near Laxenburg, Austria) regarding the usurpation of title of the within the IACA reiterating “black sheep” Philippe NARMINO?”

”Is the IACA interested of an illustrated / audio version of the Police reports on Philippe NARMINO?”

”How much money did the IACA get from MONACO and how? (see police reports on Narmino, topic 9, BIMCAM) This is particularly important in the wake of Barack OBAMA’s order to freeze assets.”

”What are the true origins of the money collected by the IACA?”

To the above questions of the 18th of May 2014 and in light of this letter’s contents, the following questions also suggest the IACA’s action, and prior to the 30th of April 2018 regarding Patricia HUSSON and her international corruption skills:

Was BIMCAM the first to prove the corruption by NARMINO and Monaco of Dean SPIELMANN?

What have You done about the corruption of Dean SPIELMANN since?

Is there anything wrong on my webpage ?

Is there anything wrong in the present letter? (if so, let me know in time, i.e. prior to Patricia HUSSON’s possible / likely renewal as consul).

Stockholm, per e-mail and LR with retroactive effect, the 23rd of April 2018


David FRISTEDT (the original, via LR, signed by hand. This being sent by e-mail)
Publisher and editor of
Member / sponsor of Transparency International and of Civil Rights Defenders
Address: See LR (signed version)

Written under threat (hence no time for proof-reading), blackmail (official and unofficial) after seizure of computers, keys, mobiles and more by identified people working for the interests of Patricia HUSSON. BIMCAM, however, was prepared for such actions within his Royal letter (see topic 8).”





[Coat of Arms of the Chancellor of Justice]

Date: 20th of March 2015

File: 774-15-29

Act: 7

David Fristedt

Due to your e-mail to the Chancellor of Justice of the 16th of March 2015 I whish to inform you of the following.

It is true that the number 21 has not been correctly reprocduced. Indeed, the correct file number is 774-15-29.

There is no publisher for the Chancellor of Justice’s website.

[Yours sincerely]


Ralf Järtelius

[Contact information]

End of translation by BIMCAM




LAGERBERG Annelie.- Disgraced Philippe NARMINO’s Swedish co-actor and accomplice.

LUND Gunnar

LÖFVÉN Stefan.- Duplikat för kännedom av dagens brev till Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt rubricerat ”Brådskande i Rikets intressen: Patricia HUSSON, Ryssland och Regeringskansliet”” (“Duplicate for all legal intents and purposes of today’s letter to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt titled “Urgent in the interests of the Kingdom: Patricia Husson, Russia and the Government’s Office”)  

MICHEL Franck.- Key witness against his client Patricia HUSSON.



/BIMCAM 20181001






PAVIC Daniela



PIELEN Ulrika.


REINFELDT Fredrik.- LR till Reinfeldt sept 2014 (3)



ZBJ616 (18th of December 2018 around 1400 hours)


TAMM Lise.-




Photo: BIMCAM, Paris, live (stay tuned)




To be continued…