February 2018


Narmino Wand Danielsson 6 juni 2015


“19 kap. Om brott mot rikets säkerhet

3§ Om den, som fått I uppdrag att för riket förhandla med främmande makt eller annars bevaka rikets angelägenheter hos någon som företräder främmande makts intresse, missbrukar behörighet att företräda riket eller annars sin förtroendeställning och därigenom orsakar riket avsevärt men, döms för trolöshet vid förhandling med främmande makt till fängelse på viss tid, lägst två och högst arton år, eller på livstid. Lag 2009:396 (se vid 3:1).”

Translation by BIMCAM:

”Chapter 19. On crimes against the security of the Kingdom

◦§3 If a person, who has been assigned a mission to deal with a foreign power on behalf of the Kingdom or otherwise protect the Kingdom’s concerns with someone who represents the interests of a foreign power, missuses its right to represent the Kingdom or otherwise its position of trust and thereby causes significant damage(s) to the Kingdom, shall be sentenced for breach of trust whilst negociating with a foreign power to emprisonment for a certain period of time, at least two or at most eighten years, or for life. Law 2009:396 (re: 3:1)

The following long list of names will be completed by and then without prior notice. It is far from exhaustive – rather explosive. Each name represents a file linked to the Klubb 19. For tactical reasons, some names will not be shown. Some PDF files may be devoid of translation from Swedish. Supporting and working for Philippe NARMINO and Patricia HUSSON comes with a price tag that is now due. Until now, this site, www.bimcam.com has done all in its might in order to avoid publishing what follows, but since the prevention of Patricia HUSSON’s missdeeds has failed, herewith comes the Swedish part of this scandal.




“Från: David Fristedt [mailto:davidfristedt@telia.com]

Skickat: den 3 mars 2014 16:00

Till: Informationsavdelningen

Ämne: Sochi


Beaktat IOK-medlemmen Albert av Monaco’s senaste utmärkelse – den finaste som finns – till Rysslands Statschef, så avrådes härmed Kronprinsessan Viktoria ifrån att bege sig till allehanda potentiella krigszoner, och då inte minst till Sochi.

Vänligen vidarebefordra genast förevarande till Hans Majestäts Kungliga Hovauditör, i Rikets intressen [BrB19]

Med vänlig hälsning

David Fristedt, den 3 mars 2014,

Chefredaktör och ansvarig utgivare BIMCAM


“Bäste David,

Tack för ditt mail.

H.K.H. Kronprinsessan åker inte till Paralympics i Sotji på grund av den rådande händelseutvecklingen.

Med vänlig hälsning


Kungl. Hovstaterna”


BILDT Carl.- BILDT Klubb 19


This Picture was stolen/siezed by biaised police officers along with highly secret information in Febrary 2018. Under threath of being sedated, DF of BIMCAM promised the publishing of this painting of BIMAM’s Crown witness. Axel Calissendorff. Ah, this must also be the first time that Police officeres steal BIMCAM’s order of the Polar Star! (BIMCAM being extremely reluctant in using any an exclamation mark). This new Affair is again signed Patricia HUSSON (the removal of her can mean in one second the removal of this site).


GRIMALDI Albert.- 3A-MGA (case 15) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJKwrMmYAbU



HUSSON Patricia



JÄRTELIUS Ralf.- Witness number 1 against the Chancellor of Justice of Sweden.



[Coat of Arms of the Chancellor of Justice]

Date: 20th of March 2015

File: 774-15-29

Act: 7

David Fristedt

Due to your e-mail to the Chancellor of Justice of the 16th of March 2015 I whish to inform you of the following.

It is true that the number 21 has not been correctly reprocduced. Indeed, the correct file number is 774-15-29.

There is no publisher for the Chancellor of Justice’s website.

[Yours sincerely]


Ralf Järtelius

[Contact information]

End of translation by BIMCAM




LAGERBERG Annelie.- Disgraced Philippe NARMINO’s Swedish co-actor and accomplice number 1.

LUND Gunnar

LÖFVÉN Stefan.- Duplikat för kännedom av dagens brev till Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt rubricerat ”Brådskande i Rikets intressen: Patricia HUSSON, Ryssland och Regeringskansliet”” (“Duplicate for all legal intents and purposes of today’s letter to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt titled “Urgent in the interests of the Kingdom: Patricia Husson, Russia and the Government’s Office”)   

MICHEL Franck.- Key witness against his client Patricia HUSSON.


: https://www.forsvarsmakten.se/sv/organisation/hogkvarteret/militara-underrattelse-och-sakerhetstjansten/ 

(with regards to witness Claudia [name], per the 12th of February 2018)




PAVIC Daniela



PIELEN Ulrika.- Alias Miss 69

REINFELDT Fredrik.- Till dig Fredrik Reinfeldt, Sveriges statsminister, vill jag ett par dagar innan valdagen den 14

september 2014 och med anledning av att du i ett brevutskick bett mig om både hjälp och

pengar meddela följande: några pengar blir det inte, men konstruktiv hjälp vill jag i alla fall

ge dig och hoppas att du gör någonting klokt av den medans tid är.

LR till Reinfeldt sept 2014 (3)



TAMM Lise.- Today (1st of January 2018, a day off) this “employee of NARMINO & HUSSON” working for Russia with “Gazprom Bildt’s” blessings has been put at the top of Sweden’s so called anti-corruption unit. BIMCAM evidently anticipated this. Her nomination is a play with fire whereas “elle me force la main”.

What follows herewith will eventually be shown – pictures, recordings, films and all – via PDF-files.


Att : Lise TAMM, misstänkt (suspect / suspect), fri (libre / at large)


(Parquet International de Suède / Sweden’s International Prosecution’s Office)

Konungariket Sverige (Royaume de Suède / Kingdom of Sweden)

Pages: à définir avec le Premier Ministre du Royaume de Suède Fredrik REINFELDT choix de zoom avant impression / to be defined together with Prime Minister Fredrik REINFELDT’s choice of zoom regarding printing


Death threats against witnesses /menaces de mort sur témoins

LEX LISE TAMM (who speaks French fluently, safe for when it comes to the core of the subject*)

Lise Tamm,

I ask you herewith to make sure that my witness not be killed through your means. Patricia HUSSON, working for Russia, praised by the Swedish King through a certain backside of medals, now

You already have the uncensored police reports on wanted Narmino. You have the rape complaint against […] Monaco. You have the tools to put an end to Sweden’s Quisling. The Swedish tax authorities confirm that they do not know about the “mise sous tutelle” (plain robbery and drugging by the State I question). Indeed, in order to claim one’s rights in Monaco, one has to be an adult. Secretely, however, the Club 137 is becoming the guardian of all bank accounts in Monaco.

The death toll of my witnesses is alarming!

Here is one of the serious ongoing threats (and I told you that you were working for Russian Maffia, like it or not) as of lately. Considering the correspondence between BIMCAM and the Royal Court of Sweden, while for once NOT going through Axel Calissendorff, BIMCAM finds a certain unpleasant irony in terms of the words “Austrian Olympic Committee” regarding undeclared money to the IACA, Laxenburg, Austria.

To be hailed 365 days in a row, with Swedish Prime Minister REINFELDT’s approval.

Dear [sic] Lise TAMM,

Here is for the first time, the link to your words in Paris, lately: […]

You have been confronted to certain wordings of yours. I shall hence tell you, as I did to DRENO of Monaco (topic 15, BIMCAM), regarding criminal complaints against the Consul of Norway, that this is the last time that I write to you for the sake of Neutral Sweden.

Military area of the EU, written upon demand.

David Fristedt









To be continued…